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Reuse some answers via End URL when completing a surve multiple times

3 years 7 months ago #97325 by byan
Hi everyone,

I'd like to use LimeSurvey as an observation tool. For example, a student might have multiple issues in the classroom. Each issue requires completing the survey once. In this case, I'd like to reuse the information such as student name, age, gender so that I don't have to type the same things over and over. I have successfully made it work by adding line such as "63919X49X969={INSERTANS:63919X49X969}" in the End URL. During the process, I have found the following links helpful.

However, I have also found the following issues:

1. There seems to be different solutions to different versions of LimeSurvey. I am using Version 1.91+ Build 11804 and will upgrade soon.
2. Some references listed in the forum topic pages use the domain, which is no longer available.
3. The Demo surveys listed in the forum topic pages and on the manual site are no longer available.
4. The INSERTANS works for text field, but not raio-button field. I haven't tried other field types.

Can someone provide an authrotative description on this topic. Thanks!

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