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Wordpress plugin development request

3 years 8 months ago #97236 by AdderaPredy
Hello friends,

I'm consulting a client on a Wordpress-Limesurvey integration & we need a plugin to be developed for it. This is what is needed.

1. User synchronization between Wordpress & Limesurvey (automatic as well as manual).
2. Map Wordpress user roles with global permissions in Limesurvey.
3. A sidebar widget that shows available surveys (public surveys & if a user is logged in, private surveys too).
4. A sidebar widget that shows survey statistics for logged-in users who have the required permissions.

The first two features are possible with Surveypress. But Surveypress works only with Limesurvey 1.9x. We're not rigid on the Limesurvey version though, so we're fine with either of the following options.

a) A plugin that offers the 2 widgets on Limesurvey 1.9x
b) A plugin that offers all 4 features on Limesurvey 2.0

Developers : Please PM me with timelines & a rough financial estimate.



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3 years 8 months ago #97241 by actxcellence
Hello Sameer,

can you specify a little about 1) and 2) sync all participants as WP user? or sync all WP users as survey authors in lime?

3) what do you define as a private survey?

and 4) logged in as what?

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3 years 8 months ago #97296 by AdderaPredy
Sorry for the delay in response, actxcellence. We've been mulling over whether to go with LS 1.9x or 2.x over the last couple of days and have finally decided to go with the latter. That changes the requirements slightly. Will get back here once we have a better clarity on what's required.

Thanks. :)

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