Hiding (?) old/unwanted tokens

4 years 1 week ago #97032 by mascarpone
mascarpone created the topic: Hiding (?) old/unwanted tokens
Dear All,

The more I use it, the more I like it... :)

Anticipating on future: we now have a series of surveys than should run in the longer run. Everytime a new instance of the survey is launched, I manage it through a dedicated token, so all the data entered is stored/tagged properly.

That's great! However, as we go, I have more and more tokens in my token table and - although not yet a problem - I envisage this profusion of tokens may in the longer run be a source of confusion.

At first, I had though that the results in the results table were merged with the tokens - so that each entry would be token-tagged "forever" - and that I could simply delete the unwanted tokens. However, it seem it is not the case and the values of tokens visible in the results table are just a view of joined tables and deleting them would results in thos entries no longer being tagged.

My question therefore: is there a way of more simply hiding the unwanted tokens? Some sort of a filter I guess, or any other way you are using for the same purpose?


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4 years 6 days ago #97047 by mascarpone
mascarpone replied the topic: Hiding (?) old/unwanted tokens
I bring it up, maybe more interest in the morning :)

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