Tokens will not update to Completed Status

3 years 10 months ago #96918 by capson
capson created the topic: Tokens will not update to Completed Status
I have not had this problem before.

In "Display Responses" in the "Completed" column those surveys that are completed are marked with a "Yes" In the "Display Tokens" table the Column "Completed" are ALL marked "NO"

If I click on a token from the "Display Responses" table I get "Edit token entry" and change the "Completed?" from "N" te "Y" then click "update token entry" it appears to save but when I check the "N" is still there.

Is there a way to get the "Tokens" to read when the survey is completed automatically as it should and/or how do I manually update a token to complete so that it actually saves the "Y"

This is a critical issue as I need to send out reminders and I do not want to send them to people who have completed their surveys.


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