Randomization and hiding/showing questions

4 years 5 months ago #96571 by iosononando
iosononando created the topic: Randomization and hiding/showing questions
Hey guys!
I’ve recently encounter a tricky issue that I don’t know how to solve. It regards 2 techniques that are pretty easy to implement. The first one is the Randomization group name, and the other one is the expression (Q1!=””) which hides Q2 while Q1 has not been answered. So far so good.
The problem comes when one tries to combine the two techniques…. If you have 10 questions in the group and you randomize them and hide them as mentioned before, very soon you realize that there should be a way of creating expressions that go like this:

Q1: “if you are random question number 1 please appear, else stay hidden until the question right before you has been answered”
And the same expression should be applied to Q2, Q3 and so on.

Furthermore, I would love to hide the questions after they have been answered (but this is just a plus).
Any ideas on how to deal with this?

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