When LS checks a quota

3 years 10 months ago #96457 by ellas
Hi everybody. I have a little problem with quota and since I don't know how to solve it, it appears to be enormous.
In shortly, this is my hypothetical situation: I have the usual gender question and I set the two quotas 50 male and 50 female. Imagine that this is the first question of 100 and it stays as a single question in a group in a single page at the beginning, when LS will inform the interviewer that a quota is reached? I mean, during the 51th interview to a female, LS will show a message immediately after the "female radio button" is selected, after the "next" button is pressed or at the end of the interview, let's say after other 100 questions?
Well, actually I have another question but I would prefer one step per time.
Thanks for your precious help.

PS. I use "Version 1.92+ Build 120919" and I'm not willing to upgrade, unless there is a real need.

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3 years 10 months ago #96463 by tpartner
The quota action will be fired as soon as the respondent clicks "Next" after the quota question.

Tony Partner

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3 years 10 months ago #96467 by ellas
Thanks. That's an incredible good answer. In the manual I found this " The quota will be checked everytime somebody answers "Yes" to that question, and completes the whole survey"
But surely I misunderstood since my english is not so good.
So it seems that could be a good idea to put the "quota questions" in a separate page in a separate group.

Question number 2)

I have, lets say, this situation male/female and age 18-30 31-60, ok? In a matrix I will put these 4 subgroups
male and 18-30 = 50interviews
female and 18-30 = 50interviews
male and 31-60 = 50interviews
female and 31-60 = 50interviews

Does LS manage this situation too? and How?

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