Filtering answer items and questionnaire issues

5 years 3 weeks ago #96436 by salvus82
salvus82 created the topic: Filtering answer items and questionnaire issues
Hi everybody,

a survey is starting on Monday and I'm in big trouble. I'm working on a huge questionnaire and probably I won't make it. I'll explain it to you.


I'll try and summarize the first problem: I have a single response question, call it Q1, with two answer items, call 'em A and B. Then I have Q2 with four items: W, X, Y and Z. Is there a way (I think by using Javascript), to filter Q2 items depending on answer to Q1?

So that: if Q1=1 then show only W and X
if Q1=2 then show only Y and Z

I know I can do it by splitting Q2 in two questions (Q2_1 with W and X and Q2_2 with Y and Z items, but remember I'm just summarizing the problem: I have tons of items and tons of possible combinations :laugh: )


Meanwhile, I managed to get the first part of my questionnaire. I tested it, but one group isn't working properly: I answer to all the questions, then I push Forward (or Next, I'm from Italy I don't know how it's written in the English version :) ) but...what the heck! It says that I didn't answer to all the questions!? I go back and check from the beginning and I find that some mandatory questions, though all the conditions are verified, HAVE BEEN SKIPPED and only by pushing next they're appearing :blink:

How can I fix these issues?

Thank you very much, bye bye,


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