What is the best way to setup a CATI (phone) based survey?

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #95343 by dspaan
dspaan created the topic: What is the best way to setup a CATI (phone) based survey?
We are using Limesurvey in conjunction with ViCiDial. Our interviewers are calling companies and when a company agrees to participate we push a button that starts the Limesurvey URL and adds a limesurvey token which has been loaded in the ViCiDial database.

There are some practical issues i would like to have some advice on:
  1. Sometimes we have to make a change, like changing a question type or adding a new question. What would be the best way to do this? Right now when a survey is locked you can't do this. We have to copy the survey and load new data with new tokens linked to that new survey but then the old survey with callbacks still exists
  2. I have set token-based response persistence to yes so interviews can stop halfway the interview and resume later. This is useful for callbacks so they can continue where they left off. Is this the best way? The downside of tokens is that we have to load them in both systems (Limesurvey & Vicidial), is there a way to work without tokens and still be able to resume later?
  3. If the interviewer completes the interview and then realizes he/she forgot to add a commment, what is the best way to add this comment afterwards? Set 'Allow editing responses after completion?' to Yes? We noticed that if the interview has been completed and they open the same token again the answers are cleared.
  4. Is there a way to export responses within a certain date range? For instance the responses of today?
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4 years 2 months ago #95440 by dspaan
dspaan replied the topic: What is the best way to setup a CATI (phone) based survey?
45 views and no replies? C'mon fellas :unsure:

Any helpful comments will be appreciated!

Let me post another practical problem. There have been some changes in the survey questions and the client has sent us new phone numbers to dial. I can make a copy of the survey and use the new improved survey to dial the new phone numbers. But the old phone numbers for which the agents have a lot of callbacks are still in the vicidial database and those callbacks will result in the agent getting the old survey on his screen. How to resolve this?

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