IRB and Protection of Human Subjects

3 years 11 months ago #95193 by mwillett
I am updating my application with my University's research compliance office and have planned on using Limesurvey to run my survey.

I am wondering how the respondent's personal information may be stored. I can design the survey in a way that limits identifying information, but I need to include verbiage about potential risks from using the online platform.

Is there particular way LimeSurvey goes about protecting individuals identities?


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3 years 11 months ago #95208 by Ben_V
make a try with a survey because LS already includes a privacy message, depending on if the survey is set anonymous or not.

If you want to change this text:

a) 1 language needed: just edit the privacy.pstpl file of your template (using the template editor) removing the {PRIVACY} placeholder (embed the default message)

b) >1language: have a look at this this previous post


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