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3 years 11 months ago #94612 by andersonelias
Hallo everyone,
I have 2 problems right now and I dont know if limesurvey allow me to do this kind of setup. (Sorry for my bad english)

1st Question
I set in my first question a List of names say name1-10 (as drop down list). under this question is another question with a multiple choice boxes with the same names = name1-10.
What I want to do is if a person choose one name from drop down list, it should automaticly check the box in 2nd question with the same name. For example: if I choose name5 (in drop down list), the box with the label name5 on 2nd question should automaticly checked. Can I do this ? Can someone point me in the right documentation ? Do I have to make 10 alternative question and set it with condition ? Or is it another way to do this ?

2nd Question
Continuing the question above: Now the user checked 7 names from 10 names (also 7 box checked and 3 unchecked. I want to set a list of Question after, depends on the number of names checked. For Example If the name1-name7 is checked, I want to ask the user about this names. BUT I dont want all 7 names to be asked. I just want randomly take 3 names from this 7 Names chosen from user and only ask about these 3 names. Can I do this in LimeSurvey ?

I would very appreciate it if someone can help me.

Anderson Elias

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