Piping from multiple choice to array

3 years 11 months ago #94386 by sadetand
I have a question, I am using the Limesurvet 1.91+ Build 10232

I would like to create an array question with information from previous answers from a multiple choice.

In can't find in the Dutch version the correct option: array filter??? I have to refer to the exact Survey ID, Group ID and Question ID for the question to which the answer was made - in the form: {INSERTANS:SIDXGIDXQID} - ie {INSERTANS:1X2X3} But where do I put this?

I completly lost? Please help.

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3 years 11 months ago #94387 by holch
the answer items need to be exactly the same in the multiple choice and the array question.

Then in the array question under "logic" -> "array filter" you need to put the question id of the multiple choice question you want to filter upon. You find this question id in the interface "Question (ID:468)" in the header of the respective question.


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