Delete prior attributes from CPDB?

5 years 2 months ago #94242 by deshon
deshon created the topic: Delete prior attributes from CPDB?

I'm new to limesurvey and trying to wrap my head around the database integration.

I'm running into a problem with token attributes that are incrementing making it difficult to refer to them in my survey. Here's the deal.

I import a set of participants with an additional attribute of 'team.'

Then I share the participants with a survey and include the team attribute as a token.

I write survey questions that are tailored to the team using something like:
'I am proud to be a member of {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_CPDB_1}'

The problem occurs when I delete all participants and tokens and then re-import the set of users and form a new token table.

Now, the token associated with team is automatically incremented to {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_CPDB_2} rendering all of my survey questions that reference {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_CPDB_1} broken.

How do I stop the attribute from automatically incrementing? Do I need to delete the old token tables? If so, how do I do that? Do I delete the old token tables directly in the Limesurvey database or can I do it within the Limesurvey GUI?

Basically, I need to import users with unique attributes and have the attributes referred to by the same name so that the code in my survey questions doesn't change each time.

Or am I thinking about the problem wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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