How to launch a survey in context defined by some other application

4 years 6 days ago #93873 by hanksterr7
Hi. I'm looking for a way to allow a user to comment on some "thing" they have selected in a another application. I have an application where a user selects "things" (such as books, or products, or vacation spots), and I want to pop-up a survey that lets the user describe the thing they selected in the application. I can embed an iFrame in the application and can built a URL to LimeSurvey that the iFrame will open. I've seen tha I can pass parameters to the survey in URL parameters and these can pre-populate answers to questions in the survey. Does this seem like an appropriate use for LimeSurvey, and is this the best way to accomplish this task? Once I have the survey open in the context the user selected in the application, LimeSurvey seems like a good tool for allowing the user to answer the questions I'm interested in.

Thanks for your thoughts

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4 years 5 days ago #93902 by tpartner
Sure, I think it's a great application of LimeSurvey and your implementation approach is perfect.

This is similar to the way many websites embed forms from their lead management vendors, etc.

Tony Partner

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3 years 11 months ago #94503 by hanksterr7
Great! I have this working for letting them describe "things", setting context as I load the survey for them. Is there a way to let them see the response they had already entered for a "thing", hopefully by some different URL arguemnts? Or any other way I can load the survey for them with their last set of answers? Every time I open a survey for them, it adds a new row to the survery's response table. I'd rather let them load the survey as they left it and change things if they want. Don't see a way to do this without first visiting the welcome page (which I'd like to avoid) and having them enter a limesurvey username and password (which they won't remember)

-- Hank

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