Mandatory question skipped?

5 years 1 month ago #93443 by bwoo5
bwoo5 created the topic: Mandatory question skipped?
I am still using 1.92, waiting till limesurvey 2 is all smoothed out before upgrading.

I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions on what can cause this situation.
Survey is token based.
I have 2 groups, 1 array question per group, both mandatory.
2 of my respondents were able somehow to make it to group 2 without answering group 1.
When I go into view their responses screen and go to the edit their responses it shows that the "no answer" is checked, but that answer isn't on the survey.
So somehow the no answer got filled in for all of group 1 and let them go to straight to group 2.
What types of situations can cause limesurvey to have all blank answers for group 1 when it is mandatory and let them answer group 2? I have tried everything I can to get the bug to replicate and can't do it, like opening the link 2 times.

Thanks, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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