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4 years 2 weeks ago #93407 by mmirasol
Hello guys, we purchased an iphone optimized template from limesurveytemplates. We would like to use it AND our original template for future surveys. What we want to do is detect if the device is an iphone, if it is, it will load the iphone optimized template. If not, then it will load our original desktop template. Would like to ask to best go about it. Is there a builtin function for switching templates during survey run?

Please advise. Thanks.

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4 years 2 weeks ago #93424 by Mazi
Unfortunately, Limesurvey doesn't offer such a browser switch yet. The workaround is to simply create a copy of your survey and assign that copy the iphone optimized template.

You can also put a link on the welcome screen of the base survey, directing the smartphone users to that special version of the survey.

Furthermore, it makes sense to run the smartphone survey in question by question mode so users don't need to scroll that much.

Later you can easily merge all results at one survey using Limesurvey's VV export/import feature:

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