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Sum of Sub-question

3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #93345 by rodriguezm1
Hi, I'm having an issues using the sum() command for a sub-question.

I have an array question, with 10 subquestions, and 6 answers.

the question code is: mode
each sub-question is: sq1 - sq10
and each answer is: a1-a6

On a following question, qcode "multimodal", I first try using the following code:

{if(sum(that.modes.NAOK) > 1, 'more than one', 'irrelevant')}

And it works. My QA checker gives me this:

My issue is that I don't WANT the sum of every possible thing in that question. I only want the sum of sq1. This is giving me the sum of sq1 through sq10.

OK, so I try and adjust the formula to something like this:

{if(sum(that.modes_sq1.NAOK) > 1, 'more than one', 'irrelevant')}

For some reason the code will not work. It won't expand the sum. I get the following in my QA checker

So how come the sum works for the entire question, but not for a sub-question in an array? How can I get this to work the way I want.

Again, I want the sum of the row: modes_sq1

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3 years 11 months ago #93346 by rodriguezm1
I was able to answer my own question.

Instead of:

{if(sum(that.modes_sq1.NAOK) > 1, 'more than one', 'irrelevant')}

I should have used:

{if(sum(that.modes.sq_sq1.NAOK) > 1, 'more than one', 'irrelevant')}

the "sq" after modes is a reserved term.

So the in general the function would be


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