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Jumping back to prior questiongroup

3 years 11 months ago #93141 by ait-hbs
May I ask you for your help:
I have a questionnaire and within this there is a part consisting of 4 different areas.
The users should have the possibility to answer 1 to 4 of these areas depending on amount of time and interest they have.
So it looks like:

Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Group finish

The GroupSelectArea works fine, that only 1 area is shown (with relevance Question in Area1,2,3,4 what was selected in GroupGroupSelectionArea)
how can I realize the GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue
Within there, the areas that have not been selected by now should be selectable
And then there should be a jump back to the area
filling in the Area again, followed by GroupselectionAnotherArea again:
Until "No more area" was selected and the finish group is displayed.

I really would be happy if you could help me, as I the deadline for a reasearch project is coming closer and closer!
thanks in advance

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3 years 11 months ago #93146 by bdg
You could do this the old way, by exporting and then importing the Area 1-4 group four times and separating each iteration with a GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue. So you get something like:

Area 1 1
Area 1 2
Area 1 3
Area 1 4
GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 1
Area 2 1 (if GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 1 == Area 2 1)
Area 2 2 (if GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 1 == Area 2 2)
Area 2 3 (if GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 1 == Area 2 3)
Area 2 4 (if GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 1 == Area 2 4)
GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 2 (if GroupSelectAnotherArea_or_continue 1 != continue)

I think LS2 has a loop question attribute, but I have never used this. Maybe someone else can advise. Here is the documentation:

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3 years 11 months ago #93219 by tpartner
Holch's solution with multiple groups shown conditionally is the correct approach.

There is no "looping" in LS2. That wiki page is very old and refers to the original LS2 development which was scrapped years ago.

Tony Partner

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