Search coincidence, ID numbers and custom tasks icons lists questions.

5 years 3 months ago #92959 by unluigui
unluigui created the topic: Search coincidence, ID numbers and custom tasks icons lists questions.
I've deployed an Intranet site to register data using LimeSurvey for my work, I like the ease of use for users and administrators, also kudos for the analysis section... Just have a few questions about... Can I do this on LimeSurvey?

- As the site idea is not for surveys per se, I'd like to know if its possible to search for coincidences while registering data on DB based on an answer on a text or numeric field, I'm not looking to populate the full results for the survey, as I'm not letting users to view the data on DB, just inform them if the data has a conicidence in that field on any survey DB or not, and let the person know in which DB the data have that conicidence. A simple "The data is on {SURVEYNAME} already" will do. I'm not using tokens, to ease the work (as some coworkers are lazy or not to tech savvy to remember any more passwords) to any person at the office who wants to register anything at anytime.

- As I said before, I'm using LimeSurvey to data management only, and some times I must change/delete some survey questions and reload the previous answers to be available for admins, but when I do this the ID number for the DB changes, something that some administrators hate. Due to that ID change... Is there a way to reload the DB and to make the ID numbers to remain the same there after reload?

- Ok, admins, or more coworkers as admins... On the admin page they see too many icons that will not use at all, also I know that the icons and tasks they see depend on the permisions, but extra icons like SPSS and VV import/export on the "Answers and statistics" page will not be used by them, so, I was thinking if it's possible to remove some icons/functions for especific groups and let just the ones they really need visible? Something like making a customized list of tasks available for each group.

- Also, which file I must edit to modify the "Survey list" view page? I'm thinking about removing a few columns for some admins better understanding.

That's all by the moment... Thanks for reading and help me solve this doubts. :silly:

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