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5 years 1 month ago #92915 by EntoMan
EntoMan created the topic: Open Respondents
I am looking at using Limesurvey for a number of different types of surveys.
One of these types would be a voluntary response from a group that has been invited only through a brochure or poster but not through available e-mails.
An example would be tenants in a building responding to a questionnaire on quality of services and outcomes for a specific kind of service such as pest control provided by the landlord.

the idea is for tenants to come to the website, and enter a captcha and then some identifier information such as e-mail, or telephone number, and then be able to enter the survey.

can limesurvey do this? or would it need a special workaround.?

the idea behind this is to develop a database of responses that all participants can view as anonymous data as a kind of benchmarking survey comparing the results to other similar sites.

I am a newbie and have not tried limesurvey yet, but this is a very important element.

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