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Reuse LimeSurveys DB connection

4 years 1 day ago - 4 years 1 day ago #92888 by pchristoph

I am using Version 2.00+ Build 130219 and want to run a php script using a table that resides on the limesurvey-db.
My idea was to include_once("/application/config/config.php") and the work with this as I did using 1.9x.

Obviously the config file changed and the db connection is handled differently now.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer but rather able to script a little php. How can I use the existing limesurvey db connection by referencing the key/values needed?

The way I did it in LS 1.9x
$link = mysql_connect($databaselocation, $databaseuser, $databasepass)
    or die("No DB-Connection possible: " . mysql_error());

Many thanks!
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4 years 1 day ago #92895 by holch
You don't need to go throught the limesurvey config file. You can just connect to your database as you would with any other web application via PHP.

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4 years 1 day ago #92897 by helper
Your "connection" is readily available most anywhere. The following is an example that you can play with:
//count number of answers
		$query = "SELECT count(*) FROM {{survey_".intval($iSurveyID)."}}";
		$result = Yii::app()->db->createCommand($query)->queryAll();
		//$totalrecords = total number of answers
		foreach($result as $row) {
		    $totalrecords = reset($row);
		echo("total records: ".$totalrecords);
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