two small questions (combine 2 surveys responses and add submission date)

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hi all,

today i am in bad need to add 2 questions to the survey but it is active, so, reading all the way
and found out this

I tried following all steps one by one all the day and tried all possibilities, with no chance, when importing to vv-format it gives me all php errors...

- i have created new survey, and added the new 2 questions to it
- exported a vv-format file (new vv)
- the old survey still active.. so i've got another vv-format file (old vv)
- renamed them to vv-file-old.txt and vv-file-new.txt and used excel to open them
- columns look ok
- now i cut the first 2 rows from new survey vv and replaced in the old vv file...
- then, carefully, moved the columns to match the header in all questions, and for those 2 new questions i have added any value from above cells...
- now saved the new file as CSv (comma separated values)and clicked yes in the excel message that appears for saving the CSV without formatting...
- when tried to import this final vv-format file to the new survey, it gives huge number of errors in vvimport file of ls...

please help

another Q, i really need to add the submission date to annonymouse survey that is all writing 1980-01-01

i've read about this also and understand the limitation, however, what is the java code and how to put it in a question in order to collect the submission date? please note that i don't know how to add java in question to LS at all, also this need to be recorded in the responses table, otherwise, if not recorded i nresponses will not be useful right?

Ok, why we can't add new date filed, always hidden, and put a default value to produce today's date?
What code or value should i add in the default value option???

Please help

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4 years 1 month ago #92971 by itsme
is it possible nobody has an answer for these 2 questions?

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