Conditional radio list - but saving all the answers?

5 years 4 months ago #92808 by anca
anca created the topic: Conditional radio list - but saving all the answers?

I created a test survey to help explain my question:

The first question in the survey is a radio list. The next 3 questions are conditioned by the choices selected in the first question:

Question 101 - radio list:

- answer 1
- answer 2
- answer 3
(my real survey contains more than 3 answers)

If answer 1 - show Question 201 = array
If answer 2 - show Question 202 = array
If answer 3 - show Question 203 = array

The user answers all the questions (201, 202, 203), but after moving to the next group, not all the answers are recorded, but only the ones from the last Question shown, before clicking on the "Next" button.

Is there a way to record all the answers?

You can check this here:
Answer all the questions, click Next, then Previous, and check which answers have been recorded.

Sorry if I miss something obvious :blush:

Thank you,

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