Importing from csv (from MS Access)

5 years 5 days ago #92564 by myquay
myquay created the topic: Importing from csv (from MS Access)
Hi, I am currently tasked with determining if LimeSurvey can be used to collect and evaluate student evals for our training group. I have 2 quick questions in this regard.

1 ~ Is there a way to import responses from the MS Access db we've been using? The Access db structure is a little different than the LimeSurvey version I built but I don't mind the massage... I just can't figure a way to covert the Access responses to the VV file format.

2 ~ When looking at responses I've noticed that if I go from a narrowed filter view of one class to a wider view with all records, the text fields still only show the results of the narrowed search. (i.e. There are 15 records with "comments". If I select "Get statistics" for all records, I can see all 15 comments. Then I narrow the search to one instructor and I see only their 5 comments (so far so good)... The problem arises when I try to look at all records again. It will report correctly that there are 15 comments, but "browse" only show the 5 from the single instructor search)

3 ~ I know I said 2, but remembered a third. Our instructors travel and will have the students complete surveys to a copy of LimeSurvey on their laptops. Then we'd like to transfer those responses to a central LimeSurvey db for management. I have managed to duct tape engineer this with some massage of a VVExport so I can VVImport, but is there an easier way?

Thank you very much for a wonderful application. This is miles ahead of the other apps I'm looking at.

Sr. Tech Trainer
F5 Networks

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5 years 5 days ago #92565 by holch
holch replied the topic: Importing from csv (from MS Access)
to 3: Why does LS have to be installed on every single laptop? Is there no network/internet connection where they could respond to a central Limesurvey server?

to 1: You'll probably have to bring your MS Access database into the Limesurvey format.

to 2: sounds weird and if this can be reproduced, it might be worth to file a bug report. Which version of LS are you on? 2.0?

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5 years 5 days ago #92568 by myquay
myquay replied the topic: Importing from csv (from MS Access)
to 3 ~ We usually have no internet from customer sites. This one is the least of my worries though since I already have a workaround with just a little tweaking. (substitute the 2nd line of the VVExport from the source with a copy of the 2nd line of a VVExport made from the destination) If there's an easier way, I'll use it... But this is a non-issue.

to 1 ~ I can put all the fields in the same order with no big issue. It's importing the file once I've done that that I'm having an issue with.

to 2 ~ LS v2.0 ... I've replicated it with 3 separate browsers on 2 different laptops. If it's not a known issue I'd be glad to write it up in the bug tracker with screen-scrapes.


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