checking answers in a hidden multiple choice based on previous answers

4 years 1 month ago #92561 by bwoo5
I have 5 questions radio button questions that ask when a person last visited a place, there are 5 responses to each question. Question 1 is for place 1 and so on.
Later in the survey, I have an array that needs to show only the places in the first 5 questions that the person answered response 1 or 2.
My idea was to have a hidden multiple choice with all 5 places listed, and find a way to check each place based on question 1 through 5 if they answered 1 or 2.
In the end I need it so that if in question 1, someone answers response 1 or 2, place 1 will show up in my array question later in the survey... and so on for places 2 through 5.


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