How to assess survey once it's submitted

4 years 1 month ago #92410 by mmrvelj
First of all, I am a newbie to a Limesurvey.

I have intention to use Limesurvey for the job application in our company. Too often we are receiving email applications where people do not satisfy even basic requirements for the position. With survey way we could filter out the most obvious rejects without spending precious time from somebody in human resources.

So I have created a survey where you can apply by following a link (no email invitations). My problem is that I would like to notify HR only if people satisfy some conditions, (e.g. relevant experience is more then 2 years), otherwise survey should not send notifications. Notification can be an email to dedicated email address.

My problem is that I don't even have idea how to make this work with Limesurvey. I tried to play with assessments, but they seem to be only useful while participant is answering, and I need a way to analyze complete survey once candidate clicks on the submit button, and to (conditionally) send notification based on the answers.

Can somebody please give me any pointer how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

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4 years 1 month ago #92414 by holch
You probably would have process that by passing on certain responses via endurl to an external page that will check if the conditions are met.

Or you "screen" them out already in the questionnaire via conditions. But I assume that this is not what you want? e.g. experiences "<2 years" will end the questionnaire immediately.

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4 years 1 month ago #92416 by mmrvelj
As you guessed, I would not screen out people immediately, since I am afraid that they would realize this and change their answers only to pass the application filter. Instead I would prioritize people who pass the basic verification (by notifying HR person to check their application) and only occasionally somebody would take a look at all other applicants.

I would like to check the conditions inside survey. It can be described like this: once the user clicks submit button on the survey, a function is invoked with all his answers passed as parameters and there I could say something like

if (experience > 2 years) then notifyHR(candidate)

I was looking at conditions but they seem to be used only to make decision if particular question should be displayed or not, while I need a custom action to be performed.


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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #92420 by mmrvelj
In the end I created my custom function like this:
function exprmgr_mynotify($condition, $text, $subject,  $notifyaddress)
    if ($condition==True) {
        if ($text != null) {
    return true;

I am invoking this function on the last question in application through relevance equation:
notify((Q0005.shown == 'Yes'), 'New application. Candidate name is: ' + Q0002.shown + ',' + Q0001.shown, '[HR] New application', '')

However, for every application I get 3 emails :(. I guess that limesurvey invokes my method 3 times for some reason. Do you know how to avoid this?
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4 years 1 month ago #92481 by Ben_V
Please have a look at my comment here and at the cited survey sample.
May give you alternative ideas...


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