Piping/Variable- 10 qs, skipping if above 80%, continue if below 20%

4 years 1 month ago #92409 by shushna007
Hi all!! this is my first time using this program so i have a quick question...

If we provide our respondents with 10 questions, with the response options ranging from 1-5, and then at the end of those 10 questions, if we see that the respondent answers:

a) 1 or 2 to 80% of the questions, he jumps to Q 14 and the completes the survey
b) If he answers 3-5 in more than 20% of the responses then he proceeds to answer the questions from 2-the end.

My question is can these survey tools accommodate such a decision rule that applies to 10 questions

thanks so much for the help!!!!!
all the very best!!

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