Refer to Multiple choice checked/ticked answers

4 years 9 months ago #92144 by UCLH
UCLH created the topic: Refer to Multiple choice checked/ticked answers
Wonderful software. Have looked through wiki and fora without success.
Have a Multiple choice question and I would like to refer to INDIVIDUAL ticked answers in subsequent questions. Do not think array_filter, list() will help. I would rather not use hidden question groups with filtering because there are currently 52 answers for MCQ > therefore 52 x 5 Q in each group.
MCQ Example
Select between 1 and 3 answers?
Ans A
Ans B
Ans C
Ans D
Ans E
Ans F.

User picks Ans A & B & D.
Next Q = Tell me about A.
I would like only 3 subsequent question groups.
Have tried list(that.q1.shown). I seem unable to get list of ticked answers of format Q1_sq1, Q1_sq2, Q1_sq4 which would be easiest.
Any help appreciated!

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