Some questions.

5 years 3 months ago #92064 by zel
zel created the topic: Some questions.
Hello all,
I wanted to know a few things, which I couldn't yet discover.
1) Can I enable a public register? Someone enter my site and he can simply register? I think it's so obvious option, and it is somewhere on top and I can't find it. :D
2) If so, can I make an additional registeration field? Or just can I predefine some groups and let people choose the group they want to join? And then, depending in what group they are, they will get correct surveys?
3) Let's say I have a group (which would be a company) named 'Company'. I will have there like 15 users. Can I add something like 'subgroups' so I know which one is director, who is manager, who are worker?
3) Let's say company director have an account in my surveys - can I let him email his workers with tokens to register? (not necessary at all, just curious)

4) Exporting users to .csv doesn't work for me - I got just blank screen.
5) Is it possible to make a 360-degree 'survey' for different registered user? You know that sceheme, I'm worker, I grade myself, my manager grade me, my coworkers grade me. Is there possibility to distinguish which one was manager etc. in results?

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5 years 3 months ago #92072 by zel
zel replied the topic: Some questions.
Well I spend a lot more time with limesurvey and I answered myself for some question. ;) So sorry for such a basics questions.

The one I need this moment is: I enabled open registration, but I would like to make it password protected - when you register, u also must enter a correct password. Is this possible?

So let's change a questions really to "what I can make with limesurvey" in future.

I need to do surveys for some companies. I will predefine that companies before I start.
I would like to have following:
- Choosable comapny list (dropdown preferabely.)
- When I choose my company, I need to register, and then a couple of surveys shows and I can pick which one I want.
Well, I basically want something like is now, but to add one 'tier' in choosing. My homepage instead of list of surveys, should be list of companies, and then inside would be surveys. Can I make this?

Second, but I think it can be easily done, just making sure:
I added a field named "job position" to the tokens, and then with conditions, I can make limesurvey to allow participate in "Manager survey" only people, who typed in "Manager" in that field, right?

Third, still about 360 ;) Well I can simply just make a survey about person X, let people do it, and in results I can see "job position" - and I have something like 360. It's a workaround, but maybe there are better ways to make a 360? I want also implement invitations - so person X can invite manager Y and coworker Z to partcipate in his 360. We have invitation system in limesurvey with tokens, but can I make users send invitations?

Thansk for all answers!

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