Conditionals following a dual array?

5 years 5 months ago #91537 by sD960
sD960 created the topic: Conditionals following a dual array?
I want to have questions conditional on particular responses to a dual array. Here's a (fake) example of what I did with a non-dual array: The question is "What's it like caring for a pet?" The array Y-axis is "cat", "dog"; the X-axis "don't know", "easy", "hard". I then have a bunch of text-box questions, e.g. "Why is a cat easy?", "Why is a dog hard?", etc. Each of these is conditional on the appropriate array response, e.g., "cat/easy", "dog/hard", etc. There are no questions conditional on "cat/don't know" or "dog/don't know", as I don't want further information from folks who responded "don't know". (By the way, I did not set this up as a text array because I want it to be mandatory, which would require text responses in every box, including the "don't know" ones.)

My problem is in doing something analogous with a dual array. Y-axis is still cat/dog, X-axis is still don'tknow/easy/hard, but now the X-axis is in 2 parts, "in an apartment" and "in a house". I want to have conditional text-box questions such "Why is hard to keep a dog in an apartment", "Why is it easy to keep a dog in a house", etc., but I can't get it to work--that is, I don't see how to isolate the conditions. For one thing, LimeSurvey seems to label "dog/apartment/easy" and "dog/house/easy" exactly the same way on the list of questions from which to choose conditions, but they are not equivalent places on the array--they are in the same row, but one is in the left-hand side of the dual array and one is in the right.

What am I missing? Thanks!

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