How not to exceed a maximum amount of 300€ ?

5 years 5 months ago #91179 by Einstein
Einstein created the topic: How not to exceed a maximum amount of 300€ ?
Hello Everybody,

I´m preparing a crowdfunding platform. The members have an amount of 300€ they can spread over the 20 projects. They can donate 50, 100 or 150€ but only 300€ maximum. How can I create that maximum in my equation in order to avoid people donating 600€.

This is my equation at the moment: Amount {sum(P_P1.value, P_P2.value, P_P3.value, P_P4.value, P_P5.value, P_P6.value, P_P7.value, P_P8.value, P_P9.value, P_P10.value, P_P11.value, P_P12.value, P_P13.value, P_P14.value, P_P15.value, P_P16.value, P_P17.value, P_P18.value, P_P19.value, P_P20.value)}

Thanks in advance

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