Showing results at the end of survey

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #89899 by tnegulic
I need some information about presentation results in limesurvey.
So, It is possible at the end of the questionnaire show some results to peoples that have been accessing the survey. Like only answers with NO answer or some statistic results
I mean, when they finish the survey insted of "Thank you, you finished the survey" they get some results.

Edit: I forget to say that i want to show result own by person that access taht survey.
So if ex. Mike finish that survey and he can see his results (in charts) and after him John finish the same survey and John can see only his results, not Mike's
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4 years 3 months ago #89932 by camills
I am also really interested in this. There are a few articles, but it seems that the best that can be done with public stats is to give the respondent access to the aggregated survey results - what I need to do is expose the respondent to a report specific to the information he or she has given, relative to certain norms. In a perfect world I would like this output to pdf and then mailed to them.

I know that the 'report writer' function mentioned back in April 2012 should address this, but is there a way of doing this in the meantime, or has someone created a workaround via another analysis/ report system?

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4 years 2 months ago #91436 by tnegulic
Still searching for solution.
So the problems are:

1. How to display results wich is filled only by that person, not showing statistics of oll users.
2. How to show custom reports...ex show only answers that are answered with "yes" in yes/no questions (could be throw print your answers)


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4 years 2 months ago #91465 by Mazi
0. Public statistics always contain aggregated results of all users.

1. At the last page of a survey you can use a text display question and show an overview of questions and answers by using Expression Manager and placeholders (see ), example:
- {gender.question}: {gender.shown}
- {age.question}: {age.shown}

"age" and "gender" are the question codes.

2. To only show questions with certain answers, use additional IF statements:
if(agree.NAOK=="Y","- "+agree.question+": "+agree.shown,"")}

Above code is from memory and not tested.

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
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4 years 1 month ago #92992 by EntoMan
This feature if it were created to enable a selection of results by specific type of report (graph, chart, etc), would make Limesurvey a powerful benchmarking tool. I am sure it can be done by using the sql database with some kind of report generator, but for many users this is just another steep learn of another software item..

survey reports are really what make surveys so valuable...
I saw a contract management survey using Limesurvey, but what they offered to participants clearly showed they have people who can use the databases to create reports..

Really wish some programmers at LimeSurvey would do a bit of work on this to make Limesurvey so much more powerful and useful..
... author to be able to select reports for access by respondents after completing the survey..
usually a comparison of their input to that of all others ... or of range of responses by percentage..
this can be varied depending on the type of question..
Hope someone will take the challenge.. If there were a number of users who would support this, perhaps we could each contribute a donation to make it happen..


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