EM-Average from different survey

4 years 4 months ago #88944 by sys_sby01
Hello All,

Sorry, i need help.
Is it possible to use EM (Expression Manager) for average score of questions from different survey?
In example: average Q1a,Q1b,Q1c. Where Q1a is from survey A, Q1b is from survey B, Q1c is from survey C.
Any example for above case?

Thanks in advance


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4 years 4 months ago #88950 by TMSWhite
That is not possible, but is an interesting idea. It would require a augmentation to EM syntax but conceptually is fairly straight forward.

We have also talked about wanting to use EM to query responses in the database to let validation and/or relevance operate based upon standard sql operations on results tables (e.g. augmenting the quota functionality so that you can keep a survey active yet show different sets of questions based upon how many responses of a certain type you already received; or supporting running accumulators (like keeping track of the total amount pledged across all surveys)).

So, feel free to submit your idea at ideas.limesurvey.org

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