Anonymous survey with complete statistics - can i do this?

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #88932 by bidsro

I searched the forum but i couldn't find a complete answer to this situation.

We have a list of dealers whose agents need to start a survey in order to determine their satisfaction about working condtions, salary, managers etc. As you know, in this kind of surveys, users need to know that they are anonymous.

Of course, i will set the survey to be anonymous, but i would also need to know the dealer for whom were given the answers. Some questions from survey ask about Sales Managers, Company as working place etc.

I was thinking to a selection from a dropdown list where agent should select Partner/Sales Manager..but i'm not very sure this is the best approach for this situation.

Any hint is more than welcome

Thank you
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4 years 4 months ago #89265 by jelo
It depends on how many agents have to answer questions about different dealers.

If you don't know in advance which agent deals with which dealer your approach sounds suitable. If you have e.g 20 agents with dealer BESTVALUE and 20 agent with dealer RIPOFF than you might choose a token concept, where you add an attribute dealer to ask the questions with the dealername provided by the token.

If you need to keep the survey open and completly anonymous stick to your selection.
User Dropdown only if the list is very long. If not display the complete list. Quicker to read. Easier to choose.

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