Can LimeSurvey allow MySQL queries to analyze data for longitudinal surveys?

4 years 4 months ago #88630 by cdc01
Is it possible to directly query the survey response data in LimeSurvey with MySQL query commands from our own PHP code? Are the database field names assignable/setup so that the query will be readable?

We would like to use LimeSurvey to setup surveys for what will be tens of thousands of users. Each user will take multiple surveys (ag 10) over one year. We need to be able to do automated, SQL-query-based analysis of the large volume of data that will be generated. We are trying to find the right solution for doing this. Is LimeSurvey it? Is there another tool that would be a better fit for what we are doing? We have been using SurveyMonkey, but they don't allow API access or SQL access to the survey results data.

Thanks from a new potential user

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4 years 4 months ago #88631 by mdekker
sql access is possible, but you have to make some effort to 'translate' fieldnames to questioncodes. Maybe the remotecontrol api is something that can help you:

Menno Dekker

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4 years 4 months ago #88662 by DenisChenu
And you have access at whole survey code (rules 1 of the GPL licence), then you can take some part to do your own PHP script.

Like remote control : need some work.


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