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How to create an Array question with different number of predefined objects.

4 years 3 months ago #88554 by PaulIv
I'm trying to set up a survey with the following design:
I have different people, who have to describe different number of different objects on a certain amount of parameters (same for everyone).
I know the objects for each of them, the number of objects varies from 1 to 20. So I used the token based mode and filled in the objects as additional attribute field for each person (so I have 20 additional attribute fields).
I've also used an Array (text) question type, where I used same parameters (I have 4 of them) for description on X scale, and different objects on Y scale - where I put the objects related to participant as links to attribute fields (like from {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} to {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_20}, each attribute as a subquestion.).
The problem I have is the following: If I have only 10 objects for a certain person I recieve a question with 20 rows, where lowest 10 rows stay blank. Is there any way I can hide the rows if there is no value in an attribute field?
Thanks for advises & ideas,

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4 years 3 months ago #88594 by tpartner

Tony Partner

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