Nested answers?

4 years 4 months ago #87921 by ysiu

I'd like to nest answers to questions in my survey to improve the readability, and decrease the amount of text a respondent may see. I would like the respondent to select either A or B, and then based on their selection, get more items to choose. I only want the subset of answers to appear when the A or B option is selected.
My questions:
1. How do I do this?
2. Is the nesting accessible to screen readers?
Thanks for any help!!!

For example:

How would you get a book to read?

A. Borrow from the library
- I would walk there
- I would drive there

B. Buy the book
- from a store
- from a website

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4 years 4 months ago #88063 by tpartner
There is no built-in capability for conditionally showing answers.

You could do it with JavaScript but the details of the script would vary question by question.

Tony Partner

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