what bulkemail service do you recommend?

5 years 6 months ago #87596 by adishardis
adishardis created the topic: what bulkemail service do you recommend?

Our company are going to try out limesurvey. I am the one responsible for setting everything up and making sure it all goes as planned! The survey should go out tomorrow and I am a little bit nervous now :)

I have set up an account with elasticemail to distribute the survey via smtp. Does anybody here have experience of them? Right now my testsurvey gets stuck as junk with hotmail :-/ I have tried to get in touch with elasticemail support but havn't gotten any feedback yet.

So as a backupplan, can you recommend any good smtp service provider that's not very expensive? We have 8000 verified emailadresses that we are sending out to.

Take care

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