Update survey email addresses through the backend database

4 years 5 months ago #87037 by AndrewS
Hi all,

We currently have a survey underway with about 50,000 requests. It has been discovered that 4,000 of these shouldn't be part of the survey.

Now this might sound a bit strange but I've never used Limesurvey myself. My role in this is that when the survey is finished I will be provided with an csv file of the survey results. At this point I can easily remove the 4,000 requests.

The issue at the moment is we don't want thouse 4,000 requests to be emailed whenever a reminder is issued during the survey. I've been told it's not possible to exclude those records from the reminders.

I've done a bit of investigation and it looks feasible to connect to the backend MySQL database and run a simple SQL updating the email address in the token table to something else (a valid but unused email account etc) for those 4,000 requests (which I can identify by one of the attribute fields in the table).

Does anyone see any problems with this quick workaround solution? I can't see any dependencies on the email field, or any indication that it would cause problems if it was changed through the backend database.

PS. If deleting the whole record in the token table (if it hasn't been completed) is an option too, let me know :)



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4 years 5 months ago #87062 by tpartner
I don't think there is any problem with removing the cases that have not completed the survey.

I've done the same thing in a smaller scale by export/modify/import the token table.

Tony Partner

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