5 years 8 months ago #86617 by manu01
manu01 created the topic: assessments
Hi all:

I have the unstable version 2.0RC9, I need to post the reviews section
to obtain the percentage of different groups of questions within the same group.
PERC with the expression {}% gives the percentage of questions the current group, but not from within a group. But there may be some expression or combination of expressions that allow the evaluation of questions that are part of a group.

I {PERC}% {B_DAICT_11, B_DAICT_12, B_DAICT_13, B_DAICT_14, B_DAICT_15} where expresioness starting with B codes are different questions. But it gives me error. This expression is invention itself, not in the manual and I've seen anywhere, was to try to do something.

I await your response and thank you for your help.

A greeting.

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