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Give money figures using the currency our respondent is familiar with

4 years 5 months ago #85285 by Sartan
We are creating a form that asks which bracket a person's net worth falls into. What follows is the the original set of question and answers.

What is your personal net worth?

○ My net worth is less than $300,000.
○ My net worth is between $300,000 and $800,000.
○ My net worth is between $800,000 and $1.6-million.
○ My net worth is $1.6-million or more.

Our survey will be completed people in various countries. I'd like our respondents to be able to answer this question as quickly as possible. Thus, I'd like the survey to present the answers in a currency that the respondent is most familiar with.

You may ask me, "How does Limesurvey figure out which currency to use?" I can think of two ways:
One way is for Limesurvey to check the respondent's IP address.
The second way is for me to ask the respondent which country he's in. (I'm not enthusiastic about this second way, as this is one more question for the respondent to fill out!)

Once we figure out which currency to use, maybe Limesurvey could convert the dollar figures through some Web service and then present the answers in the converted currency.

So for a Japanese person in Japan, the answers could look like:

○ Less than ¥3.13-million
○ Between ¥3.13-million and ¥7.82-million
○ Between ¥7.82-million and ¥39.14-million
○ Over ¥39.14-million

Basic question: Q1: Can Limesurvey do this?

More specific questions
Q2: Can Limesurvey make use of the IP address to shape the answers?
Q3: Can Limesurvey convert currency on the fly?

Open to suggestions:
Q4: What do you think of this project? Am I attacking the problem in an ineffective way? Is there a better way to solve this problem (the problem: Respondent may not be too familiar with dollar figures)?

Thank you.

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