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Set the answer for one question based on answer to previous question

4 years 7 months ago #82875 by chatthreads
Sure, attached (
) is a very simple
one question survey that just asks age as a drop-down then the goal would be to have it be stored in the database as a hidden variable where the hidden question is a list (radio) style with "banded" options like 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, etc. which makes it easy to chart and run quotas from. But then there are much more complex ones where a user can be categorized as a certain type based on their responses to one or more questions. Normally we have to use Java Script to accomplish that.

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4 years 4 months ago #87033 by amoswagon
Can you attach the file again? it was either removed or not attached.

P.s. did you find a solution to your original question (setting and answer based on a previous question), I'm struggling with that as well.

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4 years 2 months ago #89894 by rupibed
I need to do something similar, but don't know how to do that even with javascript. Can you please help me....details description would really helpful as i am very new to Limesurvey.

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