Anonymous survey + special control access

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #82110 by lamprinaGL
lamprinaGL created the topic: Anonymous survey + special control access
Hello all.
I have set up an anonymous survey which is supposed to be accessed only by those who are subscribed to a particular website. I don't who they are, or their emails or anything else about them. I don't have access to this website or its data.
I just know the url of the main site from which they are going to be redirected to my survey (the url of the main site-not the other page of it).

The question: Is it possible to have control access over this way? I only want the subscribed people to be able to fill my survey and not others (let's say a subscribers can copy the link to my survey and email it to others-non subscribers)

For example, the main site is
a link to my survey (e.g. ) is going to be in a page of the main site
e.g. . Only the subscribers have access to this area.
A subscribed person could click on the link of my survey and then is redirected to the survey.

A straightforward solution is to hide the url of my survey from the subscribers but i think it's not possible ( i mean it's on the address bar of both sites! My survey's and on the other site).
By the way, i can tell the administrator of the to make any changes i need on the main site or any of its pages (still cannot get any data about subscribers).

Any other ideas of how to keep secret the link to my survey? Or have an alternative access control?
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5 years 5 months ago #82133 by Mazi
Mazi replied the topic: Anonymous survey + special control access
As long as you don't pass any identifying information to the survey to differentiate users, everyone can copy the link and forward it to others who can start the survey.

You can password protect a survey but the password can be forwarded as well.

So the only solution is to use tokens.

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