Different orders for question groups between participants

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Apologies if this has been answered already - I looked through the wiki, but didn't quite find the solution.

We are developing a survey/questionnaire to guage public opinion of 2 different schemes for helping people quit smoking and lose weight:

As such, we will be asking respondents about 4 different schemes - weight loss scheme 1 (wl1), weight loss scheme 2 (wl2), quit smoking scheme 1 (qs1), quit smoking scheme 2 (qs2).

We want to vary the order in which the schemes are shown to respondants and record the order they were shown. I found the page in the wiki about randomising question group orders using javascript. However, it didn't quite solve the problem. Mainly because we want the weight loss schemes to be shown one after the other, and the same for the quit smoking schemes. So there are 8 possible orders:

wl1, wl2, qs1, qs2
wl1, wl2, qs2, qs1
wl2, wl1, qs1, qs2
wl2, wl1, qs2, qs1
qs1, qs2, wl1, wl2
qs1, qs2, wl2, wl1
qs2, qs1, wl1, wl2
qs2, qs1, wl2, wl1

We will be describing each scheme during the survey, and want to limit the amount of text on each screen, and have maybe one or two questions on a page at a time.

It seems like the best way is to have one question group of each 'screen' or page we want displayed. But it means that there will be maybe 4 or 5 question groups per scheme.

As such, if it is possible, we considered setting up 8 different question group orders, and randomly assign participants to an order.

What do you think the easiest way to do this is? Is it using javascript/arrays? I personally am not too familiar with the javascript, so any pointers on doing this would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.
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4 years 1 week ago #93739 by blazko
im facing some sort of a similar issue. Did you found a solution?

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4 years 1 week ago #93757 by DenisChenu
With last version you can use
Randomization group directly.

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4 years 1 week ago #93763 by blazko

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