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Terminating a survey if respondent doesn't choose at least two answer choices

4 years 10 months ago #77482 by alexremington

The survey I'm constructing has a couple different quotas set for it, so if a respondent chooses a certain answer, they are terminated.

I was wondering if it's possible (and if so, how) to terminate a respondent if they don't choose at least two of the answer choices. Particularly, this question is for readership,a multiple options question:

"Do you read any of the following on a regular basis, either online or hard copy?"
Answer choice examples:
Wall Street Journal
Financial Times

So I'd like the respondent to be terminated if they only choose one of those newspapers/magazines. Is this possible and how do I set it up? Thanks!

My version of limesurvey is Version 1.86 (7697)

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