Do not display unanswered questions in notification email

5 years 7 months ago #77480 by blukas
blukas created the topic: Do not display unanswered questions in notification email
Hi there

I am using Limesurvey for a quite special purpose: I am programming a quote generator for a company. Basically you input data and it tells you which product to use and send a complete order code list to their sales office (e.g. heating system for 2 persons with 5 solar panels).

My problem: the survey is quite complex and long and I have a lot of questions to cover all conditions and in each case only few of them are shown. In the notification email however they turn up...all of them. That means 10+ pages and their sales office dislikes that since all the information would fit on 1 page.

My question: Is there a way to hide all unanswered questions in the notification email?

That would be great...I searched the forum and docs but could not find anything...


Version 1.92+ Build 120325

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