End of course surveys: how to scale/mass produce?

5 years 10 months ago #76612 by ckolar
ckolar created the topic: End of course surveys: how to scale/mass produce?
Hello. I can see from the higher ed posting pinned at the top that many people are using this system. We have used it for years for surveying, but are looking for a way to use it for our end of course surveys.

We would be interested in learning how people have managed this on the scale of 100 or more classes per semester. Creating individual course surveys does not scale well, nor does it allow us to aggregate data easily. I can imagine a two-question start that asks for instructor and then course, but having such long lists makes it possible to introduce error. I have thought about passing tokens with custom fields for course and instructor, but email is not a reliable way to reach our student body.

Right now we have individual survey monkey surveys for each class and our students fill them in online during the last class session -- doesn't scale, and doesn't allow for easy data aggregation. Would love it if you could share how you have managed this process on a similar scale. (PS, we are an SPSS shop, so would love to be able to do the reporting separately and just use LS for collection).

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