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Add to end of survey "Print your answers" page

4 years 11 months ago #75794 by off
Haven't had luck looking for my answer in the forum so hope you can help. I created a survey and at the end the user is taken to a page that thanks them for taking the survey and gives them two choices: 'Click here to print your answers' or 'View the statistics for this survey.' When they click to print their answers it gives them the results of the survey. Here is my question: is there a way to add to this printed page? I want to add their results (each question is from 1-5) and give a scale that says if they fall into this range, it means this...there are about 4 ranges. This will let them know where they fall and what their next steps should be (it's a health questionnaire). Thanks!

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4 years 11 months ago #75797 by TMSWhite
This sort of thing is easy to do using LimeSurvey 1.92 (which was just released).

Here's a working example of your survey (from what you showed of it):

The .lss file is here:

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As you can see, it uses the Equation question type to:
(a) compute the sum of the responses (into variable score)
(b) tailor a message based upon the score range (in this case, 0-24, 25-49, 50-75)
(c) show a of the running score and score range.

These could be put on separate pages so that your tailored report could be printed by the subject.


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4 years 11 months ago #75856 by Mazi
Problem solved?

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