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Limesurvey newbie - setting subsurveys

5 years 3 days ago #74652 by agileflower
I volunteered to set up a limesurvey survey for a college friend. The survey is essentially in two parts - one must 'pass' the screening section of the survey in order to proceed with the proper survey (essentially a medical screening form, if they tick YES to certain things, the survey should end as they are not eligible).

I have entered the screening questions, set conditions so that the last question won't show if they ticked yes but have a few quesions:

There are about 30 questions after this point - will I have to set this massive list of conditions for each question (ie, question number 27 will have to have two scenarios (each with 13 conditions) in order to show up)
Or is there a better way to do this?

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5 years 2 days ago #74658 by tpartner
Have a look at quotas - .

You can set a quota of 0 on an answer to abort the survey for everyone with that answer.

Tony Partner

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5 years 2 days ago #74669 by agileflower
Thank you for this - I will have a look! Then I'll need to suss out how to have two different survey cessation pages/messages :-) One for those who hit quota and one for those who finish the whole thing!

Thank you very much!

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5 years 2 days ago #74672 by holch
No problem. With the quota you can add a text and you can also redirect them to a specific URL.

Also: You can copy conditions. Makes things easier.

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