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active connections/users currently filling in the questionnaire

5 years 1 week ago - 5 years 1 week ago #74166 by fransmarcelissen
Is there a way to see who is currently filling in my limesurvey questionnaire? Recently I had to reboot my server, and I wanted to send a message to anyone who as filling in the questionnaire, but I dit not know a way to see who was logged-on nor did I kwow a way to send a message (other than sending an email).
In addition: I suppose there are log files where connections are logged, but I do'nt know where they are.
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5 years 6 days ago #74232 by Mazi
Limesurvey doesn't use any logging system for reasons of anonymity. It only stores the answer data.
At such cases you could have a look at the browse response screen and check which if the latest entries are not completely filled out. This might indicate a user currently filling out the survey.
There is no easy way though to show them a "server reboot in 5 minutes" message.

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5 years 6 days ago #74295 by Steve01

if it's possible you can have a look at your servers log files (e.g. access.log of Apache) to see if there are/were requests a short time ago. But it won't help you identifying which user is currently online.

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