Saving Assessment scores to survey database

5 years 1 week ago #76763 by TMSWhite
can you attach a screenshot of what you mean by this?

the issue is with the survey containing a blank question page (the 'equation' question type) with the current assessment total in the question area (and nothing else).

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5 years 6 days ago #76892 by sequoia
Sure TMS, here you go:

Any 'Format' setting (i.e. group by group, question by question, etc.), same appearance.

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5 years 6 days ago #76895 by TMSWhite

To hide an equation, simply set the advanced question option "Always hide this question" to "Yes". The equation will still be computed (and the data saved), but the question will not appear. And, if it is the only question within a group, the group will not appear either.

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5 years 6 days ago #76900 by sequoia
Thank you again TMS for your correspondence.

I've noted before that when I've turned visibility off (by doing as you posted with the 'Always Hide This Question') that the survey works as it should, both in hiding the question page and showing the complete (end) page accordingly. The issue with doing this is there was no db entry, and the email did not include that assessment total data from the now hidden page in the {ANSWERTABLE} layout in the message delivered.

I've went back and changed back to 'Yes' for the 'Always Hide This Question' option. Happy to say now there is a database entry, but still no assessment total in the {ANSWERTABLE} part of the email. BUT, what I have done is put in the subject entry (i.e. 'Detailed admin notification subject') the reference code (i.e. '{overallTotal.value}') and the assessment total/data is carried over to the delivered email that way.

I'm not sure why there was no database entry before (could upgrading to 1.92+ have something to do with it? I last tested with 1.91+ with hiding the question and no db entry for the hidden question was made). And I'm content that although the hidden page output was not included in the {ANSWERTABLE} layout of the email, having it in the email subject works fine.

Again thanks TMS and others before who posted support in this inquiry of mine.

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5 years 6 days ago #76906 by sequoia
To add: By adding independently the assessment code (i.e. '{overallTotal.value}') into the email template body I can include the assessment total that way as well into the delivered email message.

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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #99862 by adamsurfari
Hi all, thanks for this thread. very valuable.

I am currently trying to implement something similar to this thread.

My questionnaire is an IT programming questionnaire, where i have 20 multi-choice question, where each correct answer has a 5 point value.

I have the following issues right now. How can I send the answer by e-mail with the score per question and the calculated total score? Are the values for each question saved anywhere?

I am just starting with limesurvey and I have downloaded sequoia's example file. It would be nice to have an updated one with the fixes ;)

Is it possible, to output the following e-mail message or export it to excel.

Q1: 0 - What does private affect a variable?
Q2: 5 - What is the difference from "inner class" and class?
Q3: 0 - What is the difference from an abstract class and an interface?
Q4: 5 - What is the difference between HashMap and Map?
Q20: 5 - What is an applet?

Total Score: 65

Thanks in advance!
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